creative photo ideas

20 creative photo ideas in 300 seconds

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with fun photo ideas, so I decided to compile this list of some creative projects you can do at home with very easy and cheap props.


A lot of the tips are about using small things that you have at home and just about being resourceful with the resources you have :)

50 creative photo ideas for Instagram

In this video I'll take you through 50 and more creative and fun photo ideas for Instagram that you can do at home with little or no props.


20 creative photo prop ideas under 5$

In this video I wanted to share some fun creative photo props ideas on a budget. Having some creative props to play around with is such a good starting point and resource to get inspired to take photos and try out new ideas.


All of these props are easy to get or find all on a budget or totally free :)

Creative photo props - How to do 12 easy photo ideas with a coffee cup

In this video it's all about doing creative and fun photo ideas with a coffee cup as the hero.

As I like to say, it'n not about the resources you have, but how resourceful you can get :)

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