Kutova means knitting in Finnish and KiKa is the nickname of it's founder, Veronika Lindberg, who's always been a passionate knitter. Her work focuses on the values she hold dear to everyday life: soft and comfortable knitwear in high quality materials, an easy to wear feeling, playfulness and garments that tell a story.

 The name Kutova Kika reminds Veronika of how Grandmother Gulle taught her how to knit as a child. They would sit and knit together in the dark evenings in the snow covered Finnish archipelago in her Grandparents cozy house. Sometimes stitches would drop and weird holes would appear but that didn´t matter so much, what was important was the process of making something with your own hands.

Veronika bought her first knitting machine in 2015 and knits every piece in her studio on Kungsholmen in Stockholm before shipping it off to customers worldwide.