Kutova KiKa knitwear is ethically handmade for smart and responsible fashion in the highest quality materials.

Alpaca wool is recognized as one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world and almost all Kutova KiKa knitwear is knitted in this wonderful soft yarn. It is more durable than sheep wool and if taken good care of an alpaca knit garment can last many generations. The fiber is light and breathable in the Summer and keeps the warmth in the Winter.

Alpaca fiber has a natural luster and sheen that creates wonderfully vivid textures and is great for working with color.




I work a lot with crochet and embroidered details. They add interesting structure and uniqueness to each individual piece. The pompoms are all made and trimmed by hand for ultimate fuzzy perfection! 



Every piece is hand made in an ethical and sustainable manner in my little knit studio in Stockholm. In the knitting process I love working by hand and with my domestic knitting machine from the 80´s that I bought from an old lady in Helsinki. All yarns need to be threaded on manually when working with the machine and the whole operation requires quite a lot of preciseness and patience.



Kutova Kika embroidered detail